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Listen to your favourite podcasts on demand.

Discover our great selection of Podcasts, Audiobooks and Online Radios on PlaydioCast.

PlaydioCast is a fully featured RSS Podcast App with many useful features in a simple, intuitive interface that is updated frequently with our expanding selection of podcasts in more than 10 different languages.

It also have a large range of Audiobooks and Online Radios. It even supports media file imports & exports!

Immerse yourself in a topic of interest with a variety of genres you'll love such as News, Technology, Music, Comedy, Education, Languages and more! You can also enjoy all of these features for FREE:

  • Receive notifications when new podcasts are updated
  • Rewind & fastforward episodes
  • Stay organised with custom playlists
  • Bookmark your favourite episodes
  • Share your favourite podcasts with friends & family
  • 32+ Podcast genres across all countries
  • 10+ Languages
  • Apple Watch app playback
  • CarPlay support
  • MacOS support
  • Shazam support for online radio song matching
  • Import your own Audio / Video / PDF files
  • Play audio / video in background when screen are inactive
  • Play video in Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Sleep timer
  • Auto-update podcast feeds and download in background
  • large range of selection on playback speed, and customizable for each Podcast
  • Trim silence
  • Volume boost
  • Volume Leveling to maintain a consistent volume level
  • Live Transcription and Translation for all podcasts, audiobooks and videos, even works for your own imported media (support up to 24 languages)
  • Visual Chapters support for enhanced podcasts
  • Playback control from external / bluetooth devices & CarPlay head unit
  • iCloud Syncing with all devices (iOS / iPadOS / macOS)
  • Import & export OPML file support
  • Full Access to downloaded podcasts from iTunes (Device > File Sharing > PlaydioCast > Documents)
  • Create folder for downloaded and imported files