Privacy Policy

This policy applies to both PlaydioCast’s iOS apps and website for all information collected or submitted.

User Information

PlaydioCast does not require user to register or provide any personal information to operate the app. And PlaydioCast do not collect or save any user personal information.

The only information user could send out are the bookmark's information when user choose to share their bookmark by using iOS system provided share sheet, which only contain the URL appends with the shared podcast's ID, episode name and the bookmark timestamp. There no any personal data being collected or submitted throughout the entire app's journey. 

PlaydioCast does not require to access to any user's social network account to perform to share action, which could be done by using the iOS system provided share sheet feature.

PlaydioCast will ask user permission for enable the local push notification, which is only use for background refresh to notify user when there new podcasts episode or download available, the push notification is used for local only, hence that the push token will not being saved or send out by any mean. PlaydioCast will not and cannot send any push notification to user.


PlaydioCast stores some of your data in Apple’s iCloud service, such as subscriptions, bookmarks, channels and player history, etc , to enable the sync features between all devices signed into your Apple ID.

Live Transcription & Translation

Transcription use the device's Neural Engine to perform speech recognition on device locally, and translation are handled by Google translation service. PlaydioCast have no access to the content of the transcription and translation, and have no responsibility or liability for the transcription and translation results and content or activities.

Ads and Analytics Data

PlaydioCast uses Google AdSense for the ad banner, and follow the Terms of Service from AdSense to show the ads.

PlaydioCast comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Which also apply on how ads showing in PlaydioCast. It restrict data processing, only shows non-personalized ads from Google demand to eligible users in California.

PlaydioCast uses Google Analytics to help us improve the app, the analytics tracking are anonymous, and only track the number of page visit and action click on the app to help improve the app user experience.

Information and content provided

PlaydioCast uses the iTunes library to search for podcasts, when user do a search in PlaydioCast, it actually is calling the iTunes library search API, and the search data are not saved in any form.

Third-party links and content

PlaydioCast displays links and content from third-party podcast feeds and sites, and downloads podcast files directly from each podcast’s third-party servers, and users imported media files. These have their own independent privacy policies, and we have no responsibility or liability for their content or activities.

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. We therefore will not distribute your personal information to outside parties without your consent.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We never collect or maintain information at our app or website from those we actually know are under 13, and no part of our app or website is structured to attract anyone under 13.

Information for European Union Customers

By using PlaydioCast and providing your information, you authorize us to collect, use, and store your information outside of the European Union.

International Transfers of Information

Information may be processed, stored, and used outside of the country in which you are located. Data privacy laws vary across jurisdictions, and different laws may be applicable to your data depending on where it is processed, stored, or used.

User Consent

By using our app or website, you consent to our privacy policy.


If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, you may email

Future Changes in policy

This page will shows our most up-to-date privacy policy, if any further privacy policy change, we will update this page to reflect the change.


This policy was last modified on April 2, 2024.